Support Downloads

ScreenPlay/Sequel user manual

Manual de Instrucción para ScreenPlay y Sequel

Manual addendum part 1

Manual addendum part 2

Manual addendum part 3

Sequel to ScreenPlay Upgrade Instructions


Software Downloads

Magic Motion Instructions PDF

FotoFrame Instructions PDF

Neotype CG Instructions PDF

NeoType DVD Mask Graphic Download

Magic Audio Instructions PDF

Magic Mattes Instructions PDF

Pan & Zoom Instructions PDF

LumaKey Instructions PDF

ChromaKey Instructions PDF

A/B Roll Instructions PDF

3D-Page Turns Instructions PDF


OS Downloads

2.7 OS for ScreenPlay/Sequel

2.7 OS Release Notes

2.7 Keyboard Basics and Short-Cut Keys


Print Downloads

Applied Magic Brochure PDF (low res)

Applied Magic Brochure PDF (high res)

ScreenPlay Hands On Demo Packet


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